CH Scotian Greensleeves Arctic Lady Love, SH, CDX, UT




Sire: GCHS CH Weidenhugle Luca V Sep JH
Dam: CH Scotian Red Sparks Fly
Whelped: December 3rd 2016
OFA CHIC certified.

Call Name: AnnieB


  • Obtained her AKC Junior Hunter title and NAVHDA NA prize 1, 112 pts at 7-8 months old.
  • Obtained her AKC Senior Hunter title at 18 months. Working towards her AKC Master title.
  • Obtained her NAVHDA UT title with a prize III in 2020.
  • Obtained her AKC conformation champion title in 2020. Currently working towards her Grand Championship.
  • Earned the AKC Novice obedience title with multiple placements. Currently working towards her Open obedience title.
  • Earned a High in Trial from the Open A class in 2021.
  • Earned her AKC CDX title (Open) in 2022.


Health record available via OFA 


Pedigree of  AnnieB

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
SIRE: CH GCH Weidenhugle Luca V Sep, JH
SR69059901Liver Ticked
DC Nyramskov’s H. Hector


Liver Ticked

Porsemosens Sepp

DKK 119954/95 (Denmark)

Nyramskov’s D. Alma

DKK10288/99 (Denmark)

CH Scotian Xtra Time

Liver & White Ticked


CH Scotian Private Reserve MH


Liver Roan Ticked

CH Weidenhugle Xtra Special V Bama


Liver Roan

DAM: CH Scotian Red Sparks Fly
SR80409601Liver & White, Spotted
CH Backwoods DK Fyrst

Liver Roan Ticked


Katholts C. Sixtus

DKK 08248/2004 (Denmark)

Backwoods Dallas Alice


Liver Roan

CH Scotian Where There’s Smoke


Liver & White, Spotted

DC  AFC NFC  Tumalo Joe


Liver & White

CH Scotian Jetset’s Dreamcatcher


Liver & White Ticked