Update: unfortunately, Skye re-absorb her litter during the first 3 weeks. 

We found out via a 2nd ultrasound on June 27th. It took a bit to regroup. So, for now, our main focus will be on the ‘Cowboy’ litter in Colorado, which is a Skye sister and a Bing brother breeding.

Announcing our newest breeding,

Greensleeves Arctic Purple Sky, SH, CDX, UT (Skye)   to   Ch Scotian White Christmas (Bing).

We are excited to announce the breeding of Skye and Bing on May 14th. Ultrasound for pregnancy confirmation is scheduled for May 19th, 2023. The due date is July 18th +/- two days.

Skye is a highly versatile GWP girl with a rock-solid temperament. She is focused on the task at hand. She tends to mind her own business rather than getting sidetracked by unimportant distractions. She gets along with everybody, prefers the field over anything else, but is content to participate in whatever her people are up to. She needs one 3-pt major to finish her AKC conformation title (CH) and two more passes to finish her AKC MH title. OFA-CHIC certified.

Bing is a substantial dog with an on-and-off switch. Turn him loose, and he is all ‘go.’ Sit on the couch, and he is all cuddles. He is about as sweet as they come. He is very responsive and loves to be with his people, but will settle into a kennel and wait his turn without much complaint—a balanced mind and body. OFA-CHICK certified.

To view the full pedigree, click here: D-litter.

This is a line-breeding of niece to uncle. Skye’s mom, AnnieB, is Bing’s littermate sister. Bing would have been my pick-puppy if I hadn’t been looking to get my foundations girl. I always knew I would come back to Bing. Bing and Skye complement each other as much as they double up on strength. Both are level-headed, even-tempered, healthy, and trainable family dogs as much as they have the drive for birds.